TikTok Drama and Me

I have made a somewhat conscious decision to keep my nose out of the random chaos and drama that crops up among the “booktok” community–TikTok creators who focus, primarily or exclusively, on discussions related to writing, reading, and books. The biggest reason for this decision is a lot of times, I don’t find this drama until days later and then I’m just late to the party. Other times, whatever I have to say has been said–and said and said and said–until anything I might be able to contribute will be lost to the din.

But I still have thoughts.

So, I’m bringing these thoughts here.

I have struggled with content ideas for this blog, and this seems like a good source for finding some of those ideas.

I will also be scrubbing this blog, getting rid of old posts that don’t really fit the overall mission. Hopefully, I can start training the bots to find me based on what I’m really sharing.


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