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On the Subject of NaNoWriMo. . .

I guess I’m participating by default? The third book of my trilogy is due to the editor in January but I reached a point where I hated everything but the beginning and end so I binned almost 40k words to rewrite the whole thing.

Publishing this trilogy has worked out very different to how I planned.

When I was going to DIY, I intended to have everything finished so everything could be edited together. Because it’s one story from start to finish, a loose three-act structure over three books. Editing it in pieces has brought up some interesting hurdles.

Not that that is why I scrapped all of book three. It just got weird. I needed to bring it back to the reality of the story universe.

I also cut out the torture scenes.

There. Chew on that for a minute while you decide if this series is for you.

I’ll release them, eventually, because they’re important, I think. They might end up in a book, they might end up on Patreon, I have yet to decide. I think it will depends on what the next year brings.

So, I won’t be on the NaNoWriMo site logging my progress. But I don’t have much choice other than finish 50k words this month.

And speaking of Patreon, if you like my content here, please join me there.